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Keeping up to date with the latest developments in veterinary care is crucial for any veterinarian.
Vetlexicon is the world's largest online clinical reference source and provides a series of comprehensive, peer-reviewed digital encyclopedias, delivering instant and structured point of care information for the treatment of cattle, wherever and whenever you need it.
With the widest choice of evidence based information currently available, combined with over 700 owner factsheets across the services, you can be secure in the knowledge that you have the freedom to deliver the best clinical care to your clients and their animals. Zoetis offers all the veterinary students in Sub Saharan Africa a one year free access to Vetlexicon, with a value of 706 USD.

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Poultry Health Today

PoultryHealthToday is an online resource focusing on poultry health and poultry farm management. You can read and learn about:

• Antibiotic Management   • Diagnostics
• Educating Consumers   • Environment
• Flock welfare   • Gut Health
• Hatchery   • Infectious Diseases
• Poultry R&D   • Respiratory
• Rules & Regs  

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Vetvance offers all the business tools and resources you need to get through veterinary school and successfully establish your career in animal health, customized to your interests.

You can follow online courses, at your own pace, and connect with other students all over the world. Some examples of our online training offer:

• How to learn effectively • Veterinary career options
• Small business management • Veterinary practice challenges
• Client service skills • Financial basics
• Your mental wellbeing … and many more

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